Where Guilds Gather


Cheese Guilds are not a new idea in the US, and there are many that have been active for years, if not decades. Some are more active than others, and there are still some regions of the US and Canada where cheese makers would like to form a Guild but have not yet been able to.

Meanwhile, for the past few years, representatives of active and forming Cheese Guilds have been meeting once a year for a breakfast at the American Cheese Society conference to discuss their work and figure out a meaningful and productive way for these Guilds to interact with each other, as well as with the “national Cheese Guild” aka the ACS.

Recently the idea of active collaboration between Guilds has been put forward, and this site represents one possible tool for that collaboration. This site seeks to be a way for any cheese maker to discover and explore the Guild efforts in their region, as well as elsewhere. At the same time Guild members can describe the work they do, their goals and timelines, and put forward ideas that could be picked up by other Guilds and/or the ACS that will increase the ability of all of us to produce more and better cheese.

All of this information will be generated by the people and Guilds themselves, and connections made through this web site are free to be developed elsewhere. The intention is not to ask for more work from the Guilds or ACS, but to collect, organize, and build on the information that already exists in these disparate areas. Hopefully this will inspire new information, new ideas, and ultimately new efforts in the cheese world. Thank you for visiting.

Please send feedback to info@cheeseguilds.net